Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yeah for Picovoli!

I think I am going to make this in the VIOLET color of Knitpicks Shine. It is something a bit different than I usually do but I think it will be pretty flattering and also perfect for Arizona weather! I am excited because I wanted to make a shirt or t-shirt type pattern next!

On voting for next KALs, I would like to nominate a few things from White Lies Designs. She specializes in vintage knits and the sizes go from small to very large. Not everything on the site is sexy, but I do love these knitted fishnet stockings that come in a kit using black, white or hot pink yarn! They are called "Monica's Lace Stockings."

I also like some of the patterns from Blue Sky which I both think are a bit curvy sexy. And if you haven't knitted with their yarn, it is a real treat. IT IS SO SOFT! I have made a few of their patterns and they are great! I really like this ribbed pullover pattern.


PS. Can someone who is more computer literate than I tell me if if the way I posted these images is ok? I linked them to their websites instead of copying the images onto my own server. Is that what they call stealing bandwidth? I would hate to be a thief! LOL. But honestly I am so new to this. I thought it was ok in this case since they are selling these things but if not, someone let me know and I will do it the other way which takes much longer!


Melissa said...

yeah, those stockings are very sexy! I would love to knit those. I do like a lot of the things from White Lies

YarnB said...

Melissa, The stocking pattern also looks EASY and it is not too expensive to buy the whole kit!