Friday, December 02, 2005

The Voting Continues

Well the voting is going well, but I must say that you all are the quietest group of voters I've ever seen! Not a single post or comment since the voting officially started (except for Jenn's introduction -- Hi Jenn!). Of course quiet's not a bad thing, but this is your chance to campaign for your favorite pattern if you're so inclined. Let us know why you prefer one pattern over another, what the pro's and con's are, and why we should vote for your favorite! Give us the scoop! It's okay! We don't mind!!!

Last I checked, Picovoli was in the lead. I like Picovoli a lot, but I'm curious... can long sleeves be added on to this pattern easily? It looks like they could, but does anybody know for sure? Should we email Kathy to find out?


Catherine Kerth said...

i was hoping to add longer sleeves too :)

Melissa said...

I am a big fan of Bella Paquita... it is so beautiful and it has longer sleeves for the winter. I like Picovoli, too, but its kinda plain. I would like something with a bit more detail to it.

Stephanie said...

There is a tutorial on adding long sleeves to the Picovoli, but when I looked at it last night, it looked complicated to me. (It may not be complicated, though - I was tired last night.) I like the Picovoli, but I don't think I'm up for making it b/c it's short sleeved and we're not anywhere near short sleeve weather here in Nashville (although we have been known to go from 40 to 75 within 2 days!).