Sunday, December 04, 2005

Honeymoon Cami

Hi everybody, I'm Zarah. The Honeymoon Cami is the only one of the five finalist patterns that I've knitted before, so I figured I would throw in my two cents. I really liked the pattern... until I got to the neckline. I looks really good on Julia, the designer, as you can see if you look at the pictures on But I am flat-chested and that sucker is cut really low. I know we're the sexy knitters and all, but part of being sexy is looking good in your clothes -- and tops cut that low just don't look good on everyone. Just my opinion. =)

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Jeanie said...

Hey Zarah! Here are my thoughts regarding your concerns about the Honeymoon cami... First of all, (being a bit on the flat chested side myself) I have to disagree with you regarding this top being more flattering on larger chested women. I actually think this little cami will look just fine on the "petite" chested woman (and possibly even more so than the larger chested women). Julia isn't huge chested and it looks great on her. I did a little searching on the internet and found lots of "flat chested" women who have made this top and look great in it and you can see several here (on a previous Honeymoom Cami KAL)

That being said, looking at the polls, it doesn't look like the Honeymoon Cami is going to be winning for this KAL, so you probably don't need to worry about it either way.

Personally, while I absolutely love all 5 patterns (and will likely knit all 5 at some point or another), I'm leaning towards Picovoli since it seems that it is going to be flattering on all body types as shown on Kathy's blog and on other knitters blogs who are built in various shapes and sizes. I also like that long sleeves can be added to this pattern if desired (since we are in the colder months right now), and I'm thinking that a sleeveless pattern would go over much better come spring time.