Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hi from Arizona


I am happy to be part of this club! My name is Lisa and I live in Arizona. You can read my new blog at and please feel free to post a comment!

I am a little worried about this first KAL because I am a big busted sexy knitter and I would say that out of all of these patterns only Picovoli would fit my bust or look good on me! So I hope I don't have to sit the first one out (not to influence anyone!! LOL). And I am glad this is the winning pattern so far. I also liked that the pattern says you can use knit picks yarns since I just spent a bundle at the yarn store today!!

I wish I would have been here at the initial submissions. I think it is good to remember sexy knitters come in all sizes and to try to watch that while we pick out a pattern, like the person who posted she was flat busted, I am the opposite and it is always so frustrating when I see a cute pattern and it doesn't come in my size!!

Nice to be here!!


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Jeanie said...

Hi Lisa and welcome to the SKC!

Personally, while I absolutely love all 5 patterns (and will likely knit all 5 at some point or another), I'm leaning towards Picovoli since it seems that it is going to be flattering on all body types as shown on Kathy's blog and on other knitters blogs who are built in various shapes and sizes. I also like that long sleeves can be added to this pattern if desired (since we are in the colder months right now), and I'm thinking that a sleeveless pattern would go over much better come spring time.

Don't know if that was any help or not...