Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A New Year a New Project

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah. Ours was lovely and we're happy to be home!

I can't wait to start knitting Picovoli. I still havent decided on the yarn. I'm going to destash on this project, but I can't decide between Rowan Wool Cotton in Rich (red) or Rowan Cashsoft dk in Poison (dark purple). I think either would work. Any thoughts on which would be better? I'm thinking of modifying the pattern slightly and maybe doing 3/4 sleeves and adding a narrow ribbing to the collar and hemlines.

Happy New Year!


Melissa said...

I'm a sucker for dark purple... i like the name of the color, too... "poison". sounds sexy to me!

Jeanie said...

I agree -- dark purple and the color name both sound very sexy ;-)