Sunday, December 04, 2005

Need to be swayed

Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa. I am ready to vote on the new pole, well almost. I would love to hear some feed back on the two patterns I really like so I can make a "real" decision. Note: I have never made an actual shirt/sweater or anything that has to actually "fit" other than a hat thus far in my knitting career.
Can some one give me some pro/cons of knitting Orangina vs. Deciduous or Deciduous vs. Orangina? Thanks gang... looking forward to participating in my first KAL!
Stay Sexy~

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Jeanie said...

Hi Vanessa and welcome to the SKC! I've never knit Deciduous before so I have no idea how difficult of a pattern it's going to be, but I have knit Orangina a couple of times (so far) and while I absolutely LOVE the pattern, it's not what I'd consider a beginner knit since it's a lace pattern. Not sure if that matters to you or not, but just thought I'd mention it. That being said, the lace pattern on Orangina is fairly simple to memorize once you get the hang of it, and it's certainly not anything that a beginner couldn't do if they wanted to (especially with the help of fellow knit alongers {is that a word?}). Remember though, that Deciduous hasn't even been published yet, so I have no idea regarding the difficulty level of it. I think Marnie said it was intermediate level which is probably about the same for Orangina. Personally, while I absolutely love all 5 patterns (and will likely knit all 5 at some point or another), I'm leaning towards Picovoli since it seems that it is going to be flattering on all body types as shown on Kathy's blog and on other knitters blogs who are built in various shapes and sizes. I also like that long sleeves can be added to this pattern if desired (since we are in the colder months right now), and I'm thinking that a sleeveless pattern would go over much better come spring time.

Don't know if that was any help or not...