Thursday, December 01, 2005

Voting Day!

Good morning Ladies!!! Well, today's the day! Time to vote for your favorite pattern (see nomination list on the right for pics of each) for the Sexy Knitters Club FIRST Knit Along!

First, let me say that both and seem to be having some server problems this morning and they've not yet been able to generate the code for me to enter the poll onto our site. I'll keep trying throughout the day to see if the problem is resolved so that we can actually VOTE! But until then, please know that I'm working on it.

Second, I need to let y'all know that I had to make an executive decision (which I totally hated doing, but someone had to do it). Seems that both and only allow 20 nominations on their polls and we had 26. I'm sorry that I didn't realize this until this morning :-( I had to decide which 6 to leave off the poll which wasn't easy and I apologize if anybody's nomination was omitted -- please know that your nomination will stay on the list for the SKC 2nd KAL vote. The 6 I left off the list for this poll (and the reasons I chose to do so) are: Boroque Ladies Jacket and Lacy Cardigan (these are both absolutely gorgeous, but are crocheted and not knit and since technically this is the Sexy Knitters Club and technically this is a knit along, I thought both patterns should wait for the next poll), Silk Corset Top (there are already several KAL's going on for this pattern -- email me if you're interested in the links to join one of these), Ribby Shell (there are several other nominated patterns that are very similar to this one, so I chose to omit it from the poll), French Tickler (other than the name, not very "sexy" looking, plus the knit along would be over in about 5 minutes with these tiny little things, so they were omitted), and last Island Dream (just because {imho} it's probably the least "sexy" {although very nice} on the list). See why I hate doing this??? I really hope everybody's okay with these decisions and will be flexible and patient by allowing me to put these nominations on the next list.

We will probably keep the poll up for 3 days or so (once the poll's actually on the site), so remind all of your fellow SKC members to vote!

Check back for the poll in a bit... until then,

Knit On Sexy Knitters!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just watching this group as I have no blog, but I wanted to mention a pattern that I think is sexy. Lelah