Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Knit Along Winner

Well, it's official ladies. We have a winner for our very first Sexy Knitters Club Knit Along. And the winner is........ (drum roll please!)........ Picovoli!

Thank you to all who voted (60 of you!) and for sharing your opinions about the various nominated patterns. I'd have been happy knitting any of the 5 in our run-off poll, and I'm super excited to start with Picovoli. So. Please use this time to get your yarn and supplies together before the knit along kicks off on January 1st. The pattern for Picovoli is free and can be found here on MagKnits. I love the way this top is shown dressed up and shown dressed down. I also like that long sleeves can be added if desired. Lots of important pattern info is also found on Kathy's website and I highly recommend that you read this prior to beginning the pattern.

I'll have to check the SKC Cafepress account to see if we have enough funds to offer a prize (probably just a random drawing) and I'll let y'all know about this later.

The KAL will run 2 months and we'll begin taking nominations for the next KAL in about a month or so. The sidebar will be updated soon, so your patience is appreciated! Oh, and be sure to let us know which yarns you all plan to use for this pattern -- that's my favorite part of KAL's, seeing what yarns each member decides to use and how each yarn responds to the pattern!

If I've left anything out, please be sure to let me know!

Until then, knit on sexy knitters!

Edited to add: I've had several members ask me if the knit alongs are required and they most definitely aren't -- I actually found it cute that y'all would even ask this ;-) Of course, we'd love to have as many participate in each knit along as possible, but if you just don't want to that's perfectly okay. I will need the name of each person who decides to participate though so that I can add your name to our KAL list and so that you will be included in our prize drawing(s) (should we have any), and also so that I can monitor your progress and mention you in our KAL updates.

I'd also like to mention that I hope all of our members will try this pattern. I think it's a pattern that will compliment any and all body shapes and sizes. It's sexy, yet modest (you know, isn't cut down to the belly button or anything, and can be worn with a bra!) and most of all versatile. Okay, enough with the promotional part of the post already!

Remember also that we won't be taking any new nominations for the next KAL for at least another month or so, so while it's great for you to post about sexy patterns, we won't officially be taking the nominations until we announce it.

And lastly, I've received several emails from knitters asking me if it's too late to join the SKC. It's NEVER going to be too late to join the club, so please be sure to let your friends know this. The SKC will be an ongoing blog with new and exciting information all the time (or until there's no longer anything sexy to blog about, which I seriously doubt will happen!).


grumperina said...

You guys make me blush! I hope everyone enjoys knitting this pattern. I must admit I felt very sexy in the Picovoli version. Here's a link to a picture that is neither on MagKnits, nor on my website. If I do say so myself... hot!

Jeanie said...

Hot, hot, hot sister!!! BTW, I noticed that you're not yet a member of the SKC... would you like to become one? If so, drop me an email and I'll send you an invite!

Melissa said...

Cool. I wasn't originally a big fan of Picovoli, but it is really growing on me. It will be great to wear with everything! I will definitely be participating in the KAL. I'll have to use xmas money to buy yarn!

M said...

I am thinking royal blue. I guess I'll have to suck it up and buy more yarn.

christine said...

I love it!!!!! I'll definitely be joining in for THIS kal!
it looks like a fun knit. I think it's great for all levels of knitters as well! Perfect 1st KAL.

Judy said...

Here's my email--can I join? I love the idea of knits that are cool and sexy, not frumpy!


brennx0r said...

Is the KAL for Picovoli still going on? (Just noticed that the date for this post is December 2005...) Thanks!