Thursday, December 29, 2005

Has Anyone Started Yet?

I am not sure how these KALs work since this is my first one. I just wondered if anyone started yet? And if you did, could you answer two questions for me on the pattern for me? I so far cast on, knit the yoke part and just placed markers for the raglan seams. Now I go to the increase rounds.

Does a round mean one round of stockinette stitch (one knit row and one purl row)? The purl row is never mentioned so I am just assuming since the pattern is in stockinette to knit a full round.

Then after you are done with these increase rounds, there are these directions which I do not understand at all: It says: ALL SIZES: work 1 round even: 284 (308,336, 364) sts on the needle - 78(84,90,98) sts for front and back, 64(70,78,84) sts for sleeves.
I just do not understand this sentence at all. I get the sizes in the parentheses part. And I understand it means to work a complete round, but the rest I do not understand..amount of stitches, front, back and sleeves...

I am also sorry if it is too early to ask questions. But I am sick at home with the flu and a cold and feel like knitting this! I am reading this now and wondering if it is too hard of a pattern for me!!!!!! If I am supposed to wait, I can work on something else, no problem.

Happy New Year everyone!



grumperina said...

Hi Lisa,

The top is worked entirely in the round, which means there is absolutely no purling. Not a single lil' purl in there! (unless you're making an edging)

So, a round means from the marker or some starting point you knit every stitch until you come back to the marker.

As for the line you've bolded, note the semicolon. All sizes: work 1 round even;(!) and after you have worked this round, you'll have 284 (308,336, 364) sts on the needle. They will be made up of front and back stitches (note how many), and of sleeve stitches (note how many). So, for the smallest size, 78 + 64 + 78 + 64 = 284.

YarnB said...

OH WOW, of course in the round equals no pearling. what was i even thinking (DUH..hit knitting needle on head)..I guess I never knit in the round before now that i think of it..although i once made socks with dpns and I thought i did do ss with pearls, but then i never finished who knows..anyhow...I think I have to start over then unfortunately...

Yes and now I understand the last line. I wondered if it just meant this is how many we would have when we were done. GOOD. Thanks.

It is just a matter (I can see) of learning to read a pattern and with experience.....i can get it!

THANK YOU. I am so glad you are on here with us. Thanks. At least I did not get too far. I am going to do the version that is not the picot version to keep it as simple as possible.

Also one more ?? For you. I was going to do the largest size 48, although I measure (tightly) 46 1/2 around. I guess now I see the 48 will be too big? Are you sure the 44 size won't be too tight?? I don't typically like clothes totally skin tight even though this is a sexy knitters club. I have always been a bit shy. Yet too baggy won't look good either, right?

Jessica said...

You need at least two inches of negative ease for this pattern, I think. That means make the size that is at least two inches smaller than your actual measurement, because it stretches to fit you. If you make it too big, it will sag and not fit right.

YarnB said...

Yes I understand that, thanks Jessica, but.. there is a four inch inch difference between the two largest sizes in my case. I would really make a size 45 in a perfect world, but there is only a 44 and a 48..I am tempted to make the smaller one since my big New Years resolution is weight loss and I CAN DO IT!!! Thx

grumperina said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm glad my clarifications helped you! I think you're ALL set now - woohoo! I really love the Picovoli with the straight edges - it's nice and clean, but cute at the same time.

As for your question - do you like the way the shirt looks on the model (um, me, hehe)? I knit it with 3" of negative ease. I knit the 36" size, and I'm 39" around the fullest part of my bust. If that look seems good to you, go with the 44".

Alternatively, take a knitted sweater from you closet, your most favorite one, lay it out flat on your bed/floor, and measure the distance at the bust. I'm betting my knitting needles that it will be 44" or even smaller :).

YarnB said...

Hi, Thanks, yes it looks good on you! I used to never mind wearing tighter things and then I gained weight. So..this will be good motivation too. Plus I love the darker violet color I picked out. I think it will be flattering. I started over (yippee) and I know I will have more questions when I get to the second part after the bust! I understand totally how to get to that point with the increase rows.

I really like this knitting in the round too...

Very cute! Thank you for helping !!!

Happy New Year (by the way, I just started reading your blog which is so interesting! I love the family stories; mine is quite interesting too in a different way! :) )