Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I got my yarn from Knitpicks!

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I received the yarn I am going to use for Picovoli and the needles. I really like the color I picked out. It is the violet Shine from knitpicks. I read the pattern and decided to try knitting the swatch. This is my first knitted project that has to really fit, so I knew I had to do the gauge swatch! I once knit a sweater 15 years ago, but that doesn't count. Anyhow, the gauge of the swatch came out PERFECTLY, thankfully, so I don't have to worry about that step.

I am not sure about the pattern yet though so I will wait a bit until others on here get started. I have never done a KAL so I am not sure how this works. Will others post details on how they are coming along and about the pattern when we start??

I am ready to go!! But I have other things to work on too until January so no problem waiting. I am learning how to spin on a handspindle and I have to say it is very fun and kind of addicting!!



Heather said...

Hi Lisa! This is also my first KAL so I'm not sure how it works either but I'm excited to start also! I just ordered Shine in Blush - it's really pink, but I think it'll look nice. Hopefully the yarn will come today, I don't have anything else to work on so I may start it soon. I need something to work on to de-stress from all the Christmas stress.

YarnB said...

Heather, My yarn came pretty quickly. Please let me know if you get started ok? I might start too. I so far just did the swatch and I also casted on the stitches and am trying to understand how the pattern works.....The yarn has a nice feel to it. I hope you like yours.