Friday, December 09, 2005

yarn time

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah. While I didn't vote for picovoli, I think I'll join in on the knitalong! It's summer here (in NZ) so I need some good summer knitting. I think I'll knit it without the picot edges, but I'm not sure yet.

My one complaint is that it uses size 4 needles, and my Denise set starts at size 5. I'm not a particularly tight knitter so I know I won't get gauge with the 5s. So that means I have to buy two new circs.

As for yarn, I'm thinking of using Heirloom Breeze, a cotton/wool/lycra blend, from here: I just don't know what colour yet!

So when's the official kick-off date?

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M said...

check out the side bar. there is a link to give you all the details.