Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hi from Portugal!

Hi. My name is TGZ (not my real name, it's my knitblogger alias!) and I'm a Sexy Knitter! ("Hello, TGZ!")

My knitting blog is Knitting through life (edited: previously the link was wrong!) and I'm writing from Portugal (yes, from the other side of the ocean!) Am I the first European member of the club? If there are other European gals, I would like to know!

I voted for Deciduous, though I must admit it was hard to decide. I like several of the patterns you suggested in the big voting (December 1st), and I was undecided between Deciduous (it's so different! and it seems to be a good fit for small bust girls like me) and Tivoli/Picovoli (so simple, yet feminine, and good to fit a whole variety of body types). So, I am happy that Picovoli won. I already intended to knit one Picovoli some day, so I will go look through my stash.

Just one more thing: Why did I join? Because I think I'm sexy, and because knitting is sexy. I'm of the Venus de Milo body shape (I'm not advertising their book, I just like their classification of body types), which means I have a small upper body, a narrow waist, and big, motherly hips. I learned to like my body, and when you like your body, you become sexy. I also like to experience things sensually. Sensuality is very misunderstood these days. I like to taste food slowly, to distinguish the several flavours combined. I like to cook myself, and choose what spices to use by their smell. I like to see more sharply after a rainy day, or to stop and hear the small sounds. I like to smell pine trees after a rain. I like to hear the small variations of tone in a friend's voice. And I like to knit.

And why is knitting sensual? Because we fondle a soft skein of merino, we run the yarn through our fingers, we sometimes smell it, we let it wrap our body, we say that some yarns are next-to-the-skin soft, we work it with our hands.

Pleased to meet you!


Jeanie said...

Wow!!! This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and WELCOME!

Jeanie said...

BTW, the link to your blog doesn't seem to be working :-(

amylovie said...

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you.


knitnthings said...

Wow - I really love your sensual discription of knitting - I don't think I've ever thought of it that way but it's so true! Welcome to the group!