Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Question about cotton yarn

Hi, everybody!

I cheched my stash and I think I have the yarn (yay!). It's a Portuguese 100% soft cotton (non-mercerized) yarn, variegated in blue and pink (not baby-blue and pink, though), the suggested gauge is similar and I have 550 meters (600 yards). I hope it's a good choice for the pattern. I would make a swatch right away, but I already have too many WIPs for my time, so I will not start yet.

Anyway, is someone using a 100% cotton yarn? What are your thoughts on it?

It's been great to know so many sexy knitters (one of them a bellydancer... I'm impressed!)

And, dear ones who took the "Quizilla Princess Test" in October or November: I am a Traditional Princess, too! I must admit I am traditional, I like needles and have very long brown hair...

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Jeanie said...

Gosh, maybe you should ask Kathy (aka Grumperina) about this...