Sunday, August 05, 2007

A bit slow on the draw...

Hello everyone!

I'm Sarah, and I'm pretty new to the group. I did lurk for a while before joining.

I've just finished my Rusted Root, and I've started working on Fifi (Calmer in Laurel).

Here's a picture of my started Fifi:

And here's my finished Rusted Root:

See more about them both on my blog:


Spinning Ninny


Susan said...

Better late then never! lol. I really like the color you choice for your Fifi. Congrats on finishing Rusted Root - it's a great project.


Lisa said...

Congrats on finishing the rusted root. I am still working on a chart to change the inset pattern. Being in a humid climate, I don't want to have to wear anything under it to conceal the bra....

Your choice for Fifi looks great and inspires em to buckle down and get mine finished.

And to echo Susan, better late than never on finding us and joining in. I'm looking forward to following your progress.