Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fifi Redux

Well, I all but finished my Fifi - I tried it on - looked good, a bit too fitted but nothing bad - started the sleeves - they were a bit too snug - took it out to start again - figured I'd take out some of the bottom to see if I could add some hip increases. Don't ask how but I ended up ripping back to the start of the lower bodice then noticed that my sleeve stitches were dropped beyond repair. Ripped back to just before the armhole joins. Got mixed up - decided I couldn't look at it anymore so I took it off the needles (I was using Paton's Katrina) and just starting CO with Cotton Ease. Wish me luck!


Susan said...

You are one strong woman! All the best on your cottonease version. I'm doing mine in cottonease as welL.


Chantel said...

That sucks!! I am sure it will be beautiful and fit great this time around. You have worked out all the kinks now. I am impressed.

AliceInDilbertland said...

That's very brave of you! I knitted up a size S at first, then tried it on a few rows after separating the sleeves, and ripped it back to XS. I don't think I could bear restarting it from the very beginning, though.

Heidi said...

DON'T FEEL ALONE!!!!!!!! I started my Fifi 6 TIMES!!!! I think if anything goes wrong now, it will be my next Halloween costume! the horror will only be realized by members of the SKC !!! ha ha

I'm proud of you! hope I can get that far!

Hang in there........we're behind you!