Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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I am finished. You can see my details on my blog.

I got help from Kristeen about the short rows. I will include the email here. I don't know if it helped too much. It was only a little clearer than the pattern. She left a comment on one of the posts asking for short row help that also had a little bit more info.

Bonjour chrispy--sorry for the delay in getting back with you--
luckily if you are using calmer there is a ton of stretch (hence the suggestion to use a stretch-y yarn for a sub)--that being said--my suggestion would be to put in a tiny wedge shaped set of short rows that would start when you get to the halfway point where the garment covers your bust--imagine if you would--just a little more room on the sides and underbust(which is where we need it--i'm a 34 triple d--so i have done this many times!
the reason we can't use the wedge shape across the entire bust is that it will distort the pattern in the center panel--so we are just going to sneak them in on the ribbing--i don't think you will need more than 3 rows--so start with that and try on to see how it is going--just remember to keep in pattern (rib) as you work back and forth---also remember that you need to do the longest row first, then make progressively shorter rows or your "triangle" will pointing the wrong way--also--if you think you will need more room we would have to repeat the triangle above the halfway bust point(but honestly i think you won't--and if you need help figuring this out--i will help )---so hopefully just one little triangle will work! --please let me know how it goes and if anything is confusing(still haven't had my caffeine injection today!)---merci, kristeen


Susan said...

Man - the short-row shaping still seems confusing. Even with my size, I think I'll pass. Great job, though. I checked your blog and love all the mods you did.



I agree - short row shaping is not for me even with double d's!! Your shaping looks great though...I'm afraid mine will be a little boxy without the short rows but at least it will get done!


Lystessa said...

I read your blog post and noticed you weren't completely happy with everything in this shirt.
But this is one of my favorite Fifis so far!

It is beautiful and looks great on you!

Suzknits said...

Your Fifi is lovely - I did do the short rows (4 to be exact) but I also increased in the side area for more room. I thought I would have holes from the short rows, however, there weren't any. I kept my length as per the pattern, it's a little short but not too bad. I figured I'd be making another one of these soon anyway.