Wednesday, August 01, 2007

questions on the sleeves


This is so far what I've done with my Fifi. Guess I am the only one using Touche of Berroco instead of the magic Calmer... :P

The pattern is easy to follow but somtimes it still confuses me a little...I ripped once to correct the central panel pattern, but it's not a hard job ripping back though, guess it's because of the stretchness the yarn has?

Anyway, besides the beautiful FIFI pattern, I've come up with one question, and that is about the SLEEVES. I've read through posts posted by others and seen pictures as well and I've seen no one had quesitons about the sleeves...

On the pattern in the sleeve section, it's read: "...using your favorite method for working in the ROUND over..." I assume that they should be a cap sleeve design and the sleeve should cover only the upper part of the arm only... If it's true, why makes it a round knitting???

Anyone has the same question? Or am I the ONLY ONE??


Robin said...

That looks great so far!! I'm not on even close to the sleeves yet, but that seems like a fair question. I'll be checking this thread to see what everyone else says.

Chrispy said...

If you try on the sweater at its current state, you will see that it has cap sleeves already. You basically only knit 2-3 rounds before binding off, just so that the sleeve becomes closed.

The reason they say to use your favorite method is because so many people have different ideas about small circumference knitting.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the's sooo clear now...:P

Pam said...

Your Fifi looks great! I'm using Touche too. I made a big mistake on the cable placement and have ripped back, but I'm up to the armhole divide now. Cross your fingers!