Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Merci Mes Amis!

my dear lovelies....
please forgive my absence of late...we are leaving for france tomorrow for our first ever french girl tours(very excited!)....and it has been a wild ride...i also just finished up the first 5 garments for my book with interweave(very exhausted!) so there has never been a dull moment around top it all off our computer crashed about 2 weeks ago so i have not been able to respond to many of your emails regarding fifi...i'm terribly sorry about that, as i so wanted to help you if i could...but there has been such sterling advice here on the blog...thank you all again for choosing fifi and i am just in awe of your beautiful creations...i can't wait till i will have the time to relax and join you all in a future kal...skc is the best! xoxo, kristeen

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heidi said...

sooo.......I've been waiting for WEEKS for help with FiFi and you even asked specific questions and I gave answers............ And NO HELP WILL COME? is that what I am hearing?