Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're In The News!

Yarn Market News, that is! Check out the article published in the most recent issue of Yarn Market News! Sorry about the terrible scan, but it's all I've got for now and will try to get a better scan soon. Just click on the pic below and hover over the lower right corner of the article until the maximize icon (the yellow square with blue arrows) appears. When you see the maximize icon, just click it and the article should maximize for easier reading.

Our current knit along will end in just over a week (November 15th) and drawings will be held at the end of November. To enter the drawing, email me letting me know that you participated in the current knit along -- please put "SKB/Sizzle KAL" in the subject of your email. Please include in your email either a pic of your finished SKB or Sizzle or a link to your blog documenting your finished item(s). If you finished BOTH sweaters (the SKB and Sizzle) please put "I finished BOTH) in the subject of your email and we will enter you in the drawing twice! Drawing winners will receive copies of Ashley Paige's Sexy Little Knits.

I have to say that this knit along certainly has had its share of excitement and controversy. If you're not sure what the controversy is all about, be sure to check out the Lime & Violet podcast discussing Tilli Tomas's price-fixing policies. Why does the SKC care about this issue? Well, to be perfectly honest, when the SKC (with nearly 800 members) votes for a knit along pattern, and that pattern calls for a particular yarn, and that particular yarn is distributed by a company that practices unethical and (quite possibly) illegal business practices, we are directly supporting that company's business practices. I know there are differing views on this subject as there are many threads discussing the subject of price-fixing within the yarn industry and I'm not necessarily interested in starting another debate here. As the founder of the Sexy Knitters Club, I will say however that I personally do not agree with price-fixing in any industry and encourage all knitters and crocheters to learn more about this issue and how it affects YOU and your yarn buying options. A great resource (mentioned by Brenda Dayne in her most recent episode of Cast-On) for learning more about price-fixing within the yarn industry is a website called Consumer Friendly Yarns. I highly recommend that each of you check out this website and get involved to let the yarn manufacturers know how you feel about price-fixing within the yarn industry. I was contacted by a representative of Consumer Friendly Yarns and after spending some time on their site, I must say that I stongly support their cause and have decided that our next knit along will include patterns that use "consumer friendly yarns" or have at least one "consumer friendly yarn" listed as a substitute. Again, if your unclear what a "consumer friendly yarn" is, please visit the Consumer Friendly Yarns website.

Due to the holidays we will wait to start our next knit along until after the first of the year, however start looking for your patterns using consumer friendly yarns now, as this may be a bit more challenging than our previous pattern nominations. If you're not sure whether a yarn company is "consumer friendly", contact them to find out! Feel free to post pics and links to any patterns you find that meet the criteria for the next knit along, although the official nominations won't start until January 1st, 2007.

Until then, knit on Sexy Knitters!!!


Sarah said...

oh, that's so long to wait! Why don't we take nominations now and start knitting on the 1st?

PiggleKnits said...

I agree. I get such a holiday high at christmas that the next few days are rather a let down. A new non-christmas gift project would be something nice to look forward to then. Maybe we could nominate and vote early and those who want could start right after christmas? Of course I do understand the work that intails for our moderators, so I suppose I can respect their holiday season, too.

Penny said...

I also agree about selecting the next project early. Maybe then we could put the appropriate yarn on our Christmas lists?

Miss Scarlett said...

Thanks for the link to CFY.
Let's get nominations rolling and then we can start a little early - you know, in case we don't celebrate the holidays...also I knit ludicrously slowly and don't have a long attention span!