Monday, November 06, 2006

Can I Make it?

So a few posts ago I showed my finished SKB...But here's a pic to remind you. =)

When we first started this KAL I had voted for Sizzle, but I loved both of these patterns so I am glad they both won. For some reason I casted on for the SKB first. Now that it is done, I have decided to knit Sizzle as well.

I started last night...Wendy says I can make this in about 3 days...I am glad she is so confidant in me =).
So far, I am loving it. I am making mine out of Suri Merino in a beautiful Forest Green color ( the pic gives it no justice what-so-ever, you will just have to trust me on this one) .

I'm having a lot of fun with it, the directions are very well done. Bravo Wendy!

The real question is...Can I have this done before the KAL is over?


Wendy said...

When's the KAL finished? I say, if you can knit all day for the next two nd a half days, you'll be done!

Love the color.

knitncycle said...

Knit like the wind! I know you can do it!! I love that color!

Christine said...

NO SLEEVES!!! WOO HOO! I always knit bodies of sweaters in a flash and then drag forever to get the sleeves done. You'll love your sizzle!