Sunday, November 05, 2006

One for the frogs

I had some second thoughts about the size as I got to the first purl ridges, but I kept going. Now, it is too large and I need to frog. I am using Knit Pick Andean Silk. I like the yarn...The only problem is that it hold its shape so well that the bottom section stands out completely on its own from my body and obscures my own shape. And I didn't pay attention to my circular gauge being different from my back and forth gauge, so that made the bottom section even larger. I like the pattern, so I will make a second go at it. (You can read more at my blog.)

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knittin' in the Yukon said...

You're not alone - I've had to frog twice now! Once after the first try-on (before joining - WAY too big!) and then once halfway into the lace pattern. Now I'm just onto the first set of purl ridges again. Good luck with the frogging - I've found it went pretty quickly both times.