Thursday, November 02, 2006

My SKB for the SKC

Well HELLO everyone!
Seems like our poor little site has not seen a lot of action lately. I think we are all busy knitting!
I know I am.
I finished my SKB almost a month ago..But I have been too lazy to get a pic or post about it.

Until today.

So now without further ado, may I present my SKB made form Nashua Creative Focus (I love this yarn!)

Of course I had to do the famous late night bathroom shot....Nothing but the best for me! =)
It is larger then I hoped for, (surprise, surprise) but I love it all the same! I think I need to make my garments in a smaller size..They all seem too loose on me.

It is in need of a serious steaming, I have worn it a lot already. It is comfy and definitely cozy!

Now what to do next.....I'm thinking Sizzle or the Not So Shrunken Cardi (after seeing Gay's I immediately bought yarn for it and can't wait to start!)

Of course if you didn't get enough of me here you can visit my blog! =)

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