Thursday, November 30, 2006

I discovered a LYS :)

so, i finally found an amazing lys. normally i stick to the staples like JoAnn's or Micheals. I'm a college student,I don't really have a budget for yarn. But, I just had to buy this:
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beautiful mohair, and in the perfect burgundy gold school colors. Even though I don't like making scares (theres something about knitting a long rectangle that manages to bore me somehow) but I wanted to make Emma a nice birthday present, she turned 18 and she deserves something knitted, as all amazing people do, lol. so i started making this:
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heres a closeup
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But, I haven't mentioned this:
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I admit it, I fell in love and I succumbed to an impulse buy. I want to make something lace-y and beautiful...any suggestions would be immensely appreciated

p.s.....i'm sorry the pics are so gigantic, i'm not used to working with a mac and i have no idea how to photoshop yet.

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chrispy said...

I too dislike making scarfs. I buy the yarn and ask friends that only knit scarfs to make me one if the desire hits me. I prefer more complicated stuff. My first project was a circular hat with dp needles in two colors knitted during my lectures.