Sunday, November 19, 2006

SKB ...c'est finis!

Ok, so this time around I am only a few days past the deadline, unlike with the Somewhat Cowl where I was about 2 months behind! I had started out making this as a knit for myself, but now that I am looking at the finished item, it looks like something my friend my like. She loves asian inspired/themed things, and does'nt this sort of resemble a kimono whith the flared sleeves and that wide (obi-like) piece across the middle? Anyway, I thought so. I don't know if I care for the SWTC soysilk; it feels lovely, but most of the balls had knots in them...and by "knots" I don't mean "kinks" or "tangles"'s more like the yarn was cut every 2 yards and then knotted back together.
So, I don't know if I would use that again. My picked up stitches are pulling on the neckline a little and I didn't quite follow the pattern for the neckline. Not because I thought I could do it better, more like I wasn't paying attention AT ALL. (Project Runway Season 1!)

Sorry again for the crappy pic, and oops, looks like I forgot to clean my mirror again. (^_^)


LisaBe said...

i have some of the same issues as you have--knots appeared in my yarn from time to time (i just knitted right past them, though i'm sure the proper thing to do was to cut and rejoin), and i have a little puckering and strangeness at the bottom of my neckline. but nobody notices any of those things except you :) all anyone else sees is that you made this beautiful, soft sweater with unusual detailing!

Spincerely said...

Your SKB is gorgeous! I love the color! That review of the SWTC Soysilk is interesting. I bought Karaoke to do my SKB but I didn't end up using it for 2 reasons. First - the color was nothing like the photo on the website. Second - and more importantly - it was full of vegetative matter. Not like just a little bit of straw here or there - but it was everywhere and sharp. I was thinking I should have just bought the 100% soysilk and not the Karaoke 50/50 blend and that would have solved that problem, but I also don't like a lot of joins in my yarn either. So it looks like it is best to just not go that route at all. Also - maybe blocking will help with the neckline? I had to block the heck out of mine:)

Miss Scarlett said...

That sounds really frustrating!
The good news is that you can't see it in your pic - so you likely can't see it in life either.
The sweater looks fantastic!