Thursday, November 17, 2005

Whose keeping track of the KAL votes?

I was wondering if anybody is actually tallying everyone's votes for the KAL? If so, maybe they can occasionally post what the votes are so we know what's in the lead? I have gone through the newer nominations and I STILL like the Marnie Maclean design of the corset type camisole, Deciduous.



Knit Freak said...

I think there is a site where you can put up and actual poll on the site

Jeanie said...

Hi Knitting Nurse. Not sure if you've had a chance to read any of the previous posts or not, but the vote is scheduled to take place in early December. Nominations are being taken until the end of November. No one is voting yet. I will post a poll on this site when the official vote is about to take place.