Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hi! And Nomination

Hello! Happy to be here, and feeling very sexy with my gross head cold. ;)

I'd like to nominate the Ribby Shell over at chicknits. You have to buy it, but it's not much, fairly simple, and very sexy in a refined way, something you could wear with anything.

We should come up with some kind of system! Maybe set a deadline for the nominations, then collect votes? I'm thinking we should be allowed to vote for two or three patterns (since it is so hard to choose just one!), and then we'll tally up all the votes and go with the one that got the most. Or should we be so formal?


Jeanie said...

Hi Hibiscuits! Not sure if you've had a chance to read any previous posts, but the deadline for nominations is the end of November and a "formal" vote will be held (with a nifty little on line poll) will be held a couple of days after that. Not sure yet if we'll be able to vote for more than one pattern at a time... we'll have to see how the poll works, but for now we're trying to keep things relatively simple. Of course, we'll have TONS of KAL's so if you don't care for the pattern that's chosen for the first KAL, you're welcome to wait for the next one.

Thanks for your input!

HibiscuitsGirl said...

Ah, I knew I should have read farther through the archives. That's what I get for being sick and missing out on the blogs for a few days!

A system is in place. I feel safer now.