Sunday, November 27, 2005

Updated Nominations

Alrighty! I think I've gotten the broken links to Hush Hush and Lolita fixed and have updated the nominations list (thanks to Heather). Please let me know if there are any patterns missing from the list. The last day to nominate patterns is November 30th. I do need to request that you nominate just one pattern per person and be sure to include a link to the pattern for us (it makes adding it to the list MUCH easier).

We are currently up to 52 members (with many more pending activation) but we need MORE! Spread the word (if you haven't already) about the club and about the upcoming KAL poll and put your buttons on your blogs. Wouldn't it be great to have at least 100 members by the time we start our first KAL? Oh, and be sure to check out the SKC gear that we have available in the Cafepress store. All SKC proceeds will go into a pot to fund club expenses and to purchase prizes. So far we've got a whopping $6.00 in the pot which doesn't quite cover the cost of the domain "" registration, so get to shopping ladies! The link's on the right side of the navigation bar where it says "Shop". Perhaps we'll have enough funds to be able to give away a prize to the first person to finish the KAL. The cooler the prizes, the more people who will join the KAL and the more people who join a KAL, the cooler the KAL! See how that works???

Okay gals -- keep the nominations coming and remember, just one per person (at this point) please ;-) Y'all are a tough group to keep up with!

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