Monday, November 14, 2005

Some Basic Information

Hey Gals (so far we have no guys here)! There are a few things that I wanted to mention to all the SKC members. First, the BEST way for your comments to be read by the group is to enter them as an entirely new post (such as this one) and not as a comment on somebody else's post. So if you have a pattern suggestion for our first knit along or if there's just something that you really want EVERYBODY to see, please leave it in a new post (just as "knittingnurse" did). Hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try to re-word it or explain it more thoroughly.

Posting is easy. Just log into your Blogger account, select the "Sexy Knitters Club" blog from your dashboard and click on "Create new post".

Also, April brought to my attention that if you haven't chosen (by checking off) the "share my profile" option (on your Blogger account), other members will not know about your blog. Even if your blog is hosted elsewhere, you can enter the URL into your profile and fellow members will be able to visit your blog by seeing it in your profile. Some of you may prefer for your profile to remain private which is completely alright, but for those of you who would like for other members to be able to visit your blog, it would be better for you to select the "share your profile" option and put your blog URL into the "homepage" section of your profile information. Clear as mud???

We've had a couple of suggestions for what to use as our first KAL pattern, but we need more. I'd love to have all of the "nominations" in by the end of November so that we can have a few weeks to get our yarn and supplies together before the KAL actually starts. If there's a pattern that you want to nominate, please nominate it in a new post (not as a comment under a previous post) with the title of "New KAL Nomination" as the title of your post. In the post, be sure to include
  • the name of the pattern
  • the designer of the pattern (if you know it)
  • where the pattern can be purchased
  • the purchase price (if you know it)
  • and a link to a pic of the pattern for all other members to view.

After all the nominations are in, we'll take a poll to see which pattern gets to be the first SKC KAL. The tentative start date for the first knit along is January 1st, so that we can have a week to recover after Christmas is over. Of course, you can start any time after that in case things are still hectic for you at the first of January -- there are no hard and fast rules here. What's the fun in that???

I also want to thank everybody who has mentioned the club in their blogs -- the word is definitely getting out and the response has been unbelievably positive. If you haven't already, feel free to read all the comments posted here on my blog to see what I mean.

Knit on Sexy Knitters!

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