Wednesday, November 16, 2005

That there pattern of mine

Hi all. Jeanie invited me to join the club and here I am.
She thought you might want to know about my blue corset top

It will be for sale before x-mas and will cost under $10. It's named Deciduous, and part of the proceeds from the sales will go to Habitat For Humanity. Yay!
I would rate it an intermediate level knit.
It's partially knit in the round, then back and forth. There are many simple cable crosses and the cables are mapped out on a chart.
I think I'm going to add some short row instructions for the busty among us (if only that were my problem) and there will be a modification for a less revealing back treatment that will be more bra friendly, as well as instructions for lengthening the piece for folks who like their bellies well covered.

I think that's it.

Marnie MacLean


Jeanie said...

Hey Marnie, thanks for the info! Glad to know there will be a "braziere friendly" version of this fabulous top!

JustApril said...

That is really pretty

ariane said...

Awww, I've wanted to knit this since you showed it off on your blog some months ago!