Thursday, November 17, 2005

KAL Nominations and Voting

Hi again Ladies (still no... well you know). Okay, I've posted this information already in previous posts, but I'm going to post it again today and then put a link to the KAL Guidelines on the sidebar for new members to find easily. Here is how the knit along pattern voting will work.

We will take nominations for a specified period of time (for our first KAL, the nomination deadline is the end of November). Within a couple of days after the nomination deadline, I will set up a poll on this site and y'all will be able to vote on your favorite pattern for the KAL. Once all the votes are in, I'll post the results of the poll, and the pattern that received the most votes will be the pattern that's used for our first KAL. Once you see a pattern nominated, there's no need to nominate it again, although if you'd like to post your input about a previously nominated pattern, please feel free to do so. Just realize that no votes are being taken at this time and won't be taken until the first couple of days of December. Also please realize that there will be many knit alongs, so if you don't care for the pattern that's voted on, you can always wait for the next knit along


Lynda said...

Hee Hee... so much for you and your divorce from Mr. Hewlitt! We're keeping you pretty busy, aren't we!

knittingnurse said...

Thanks for the clarification. What a FAB master sexy knitter!