Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paired increases for Bella

I will be starting Bella in a week or so. What types of paired increases are people using at the sides? I will be knitting it in one piece. Are you doing a M1 before the marker and one after? How are you increasing? Thanks!

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Cheryl S. said...

Yes, I just did the M1 before and after the marker. But since some people define M1 differently, this is how I do it (often called M1L): From the front, lift the bar between the stitches with left needle, then knit into back of loop. For me, this is the most invisible increase. Some people like the raised/lifted increases better, but those don't work as well for me.

There's a matching M1R where you lift the bar from the back and knit into the front of the loop, but frankly, I don't see a difference in my knitting, so I usually just do the M1L everywhere rather than trying to pair them.