Friday, March 07, 2008

Giselle sizing

I am making the cropped version of Giselle. I wish the pattern had included a photo of the back view. I don't know how far the front pieces should wrap. Mine wraps all the way around the back and actually crosses. I'm not sure if I like the way the back looks because it hangs over where the ends cross. I followed the directions for the smallest size and got gauge. The sweater seems longer that in the photo. Perhaps it is because Marnie is taller so it fits her differently in the photos. Has anyone had the same fitting issue? I envisioned it not going all the way down to my waist. I also think the sweater needs more negative ease. I measure 34.5 and made the smallest size. I still think it is beautiful and I will get plenty of wear out of it. I have finished one sleeve flounce and discovered that I don't have enough yarn to finish the second one so I have ordered one more skein. I will finish it when the yarn arrives.

I may put it aside for a few weeks and do the crochet then. I'm having surgery on my left hand the end of the month and I know I won't be able to knit for a while. I think I can crochet though, so I will save my crochet projects and try to knit as much as I can now!


Bonnie H. said...

I am knitting the Medium. I just finished the top portion with sleeves. I tried it on eariler today. The length on mine looks very much like the photo (and I am short). Also, the ends wrap to my sides about even with the side seam.

Elizabeth Turner said...

I am knitting the medium (first lot of numbers inside teh brackets if that is the medium) and mine looks pretty much like yours does - which looks gorgeous by the way. I should probably have gone down a size as mine is no way going to fit neatly over my boobs as in the pattern photo but rather will wrap my up nice and warm and cover that cleavage!

AliceInDilbertland said...

I'm making size Small and I'm quite happy with the fit. The ends wrap almost all the way to side seams. And that's after I had to add extra 10 rows to the top's length in order to cover the boobies, which of course added to the ends as well.

I've finished the top and the bottom parts and one of the sleeve flares, so far. Just cast on for the second sleeve flare, and still have to do the sleeves and all that crochet edging.

LisaBe said...

it is really lovely! if you don't like the way the wrap ends, you could use some pretty (but flat) buttons to hold them in place, or tink back one of them to make a slit (like a buttonhole) big enough for the other to slip through. then both ends would tuck around the bottom of the sweater and nothing would hang down. regardless, i think it's beautiful!