Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Coming Up For Air!

Hey Sexy Knitters!!! Whew, I have been SOOO busy that I've gotten a little behind in my SKC "duties" and am just now getting to post the winner of the last SKC Juliet/Tree Jacket Knit Along! I'm actually even further behind that just that, but we won't talk about that right now (hey Erin, your tote bag is on its way to me even as I write!) Anyway, today's been a bit of a catch-up day for me, so let's get to business, shall we?
The winner of the SKC Juliet/Tree Jacket KAL is Garnet -- Knittin' in the Yukon! Garnet's won a Hip Chicks Knit T-Shirt!

Congratulations Garnet!
The Bella Paquitas and the Giselles I've been seeing are gorgeous! Remember this knit along ends at the end of March which is only 3 weeks away! As always, we will have a drawing for all who finished either or both of these patterns, so if you've already finished, you can send me an email with either a pic of your finished project or a link to a pic of your finished project. Remember to title the subject of your email "Bella/Giselle KAL" for organization purposes.
Knit on!

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