Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the nick of time!

I finished Giselle last night just in the nick of time as I had hand surgery today!  


Pattern: Giselle from Stitch Diva, cropped version, Size Small
Yarn: Handmaiden Double Sea Silk in Periwinkle--3 skeins
Handmaiden Sea Silk in Mahogany--1 skein (for crochet edging)
Ribbon: Hanna Silk Satin hand dyed in French Roast--3 yards
Needles: Addi turbo size 6, Crochet hook size E
Began Feb./ Finished March 27

I love this pattern but I'm disappointed that it didn't come in smaller sizes. The smallest is a 34 which is my actual bust measurement. This design needs to have negative ease. The back view shows that the sweater doesn't quite hug the body the way it should. In retrospect, I should have tightened it up when I put the crochet edging on. I was also a little rusty with my crochet skills. It's been years. There was a graph type thing with the stitch pattern which was somewhat unclear. I didn't get it quite right up the front and around the neck, but I figured it out for the rest! Overall, I'm pleased with the results and I'm sure I will wear it.


sulkycat said...

i am almost finished with another ravelry kal, so didnt get time to do this one - however, after seeing your version its a definite must asap! i think this is absolutely beautiful,love the colour, the silk, everything! well done

Anonymous said...

I love this! Where did you get this pattern?
I'd need to make it in a bigger size.

Is the pattern at Ravelry?

Kozy Kitty said...

This is Giselle--the one we've been doing for the KAL. This is the cropped version. You can get it at

Anonymous said...

It's very nice! Lovely color.