Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I finally got started!

WoW! Some of you have finished one of the KAL sweaters and here I am starting my first one. I had a couple of other projects to finish first. I am knitting Giselle in Handmaiden Double Sea Silk. So far, the yarn is knitting to gauge and it is wonderfully soft. I love this yarn!

I am concerned though that the area which will become the sleeves looks quite small. It is hard to believe that it will wrap around my arm. I guess I will put it all on waste yarn and try it on. I can't wait to see some completed examples of Giselle.

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Elizabeth Turner said...

What a lovely colour! Here in dull old England with it's grey skies at this time of year there is nothing as cheery as a bright colour. The sleeve bit you're doing at the moment only goes to about your upper arm (you then knit the underarm bit) and it get wide very quickly. I'm on the decreases to the waist at the moment. I'm too mortified to post a photo because my under-arm increases are less than perfect and I'm going to hide them before you all see them!