Sunday, February 10, 2008

Giselle is coming along but....

I have a horrible feeling it is going to be too big! I'm loving the pattern and am on the second set of waist decreases, but this morning I took the time to put the whole lot on waste yarn and try on and I fear it is going to be on the large side. I'm a 35" bust so am doing the first size inside the brackets (35.5) because I thought the 33.5 size would be too snug (ok, let's be honest, I thought I was still a 36 but they are clearly sagging with age!). I can't face frogging it all and starting again so I guess I'll just plough on and gift it to one of my more amply provided for girlfriends and then knit it again for me! Unless someone can think of an easy remedy....maybe if I increase the number of decreases per row to bring the under bust bit in more?

I learned to crochet the other weekend and am very excited about being able to do the cropped crochet version now! greetings from an unseasonably warm England in February. Liz

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sulkycat said...

isnt it an absolutely beautiful weekend here in the uk!