Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bar increases on Giselle

I have a question about the bar increases on the front edges on Giselle. The pattern mentions mirrored increases. On the Purl rows, the increases are P1f&b at the beginning of the row then P1b&f at the end. However the knit rows have K1f&b at both the beginning an end of the row. Should the knit bar increase be K1b&f at the end of the row to mirror the increase at the beginning?


Elizabeth Turner said...

I wondered about that too - this is the first time I've used bar or lift increases (and love them!) and followed the pattern exactly and the edges look just fine (to me!).

The Chick With Stix said...

I have to agree, I'm doing it just as the pattern says and they look absolutely fine to me.

Marnie said...

Yes, that's a typo. They should be mirrored, for sure.

That said, your crochet or knit trim will cover whatever you do, so don't lose any sleep over it :)