Monday, December 11, 2006


Wow, what a great batch of nominations we have this time! Y'all have done a terrific job of finding patterns calling for consumer friendly yarns!

A couple of things I'd like to mention:

First, we are going to extend the nomination period for another week in order to allow those members who nominated patterns with "unrated" keystone policies to contact the yarn manufacturers to find out where they stand regarding this issue. The new nomination deadline will be December 17th.

Second, patterns that call for "unrated" yarns will not be included in the official pattern nominations for this knit along, so if you're interested in a particular pattern and don't know the yarn manufacturer's keystone policy, please feel free to contact them and post that info here.

Third, the winners of the last Simple Knitted Bodice/Sizzle knit along are Nancy Hough from Bird's Nest Knits and Lisa St. Hilaire from Knitnzu. Hop on over to these gals' blogs and congratulate them! And congratulations to everybody who finished these beautiful sweaters -- you're ALL winners!

Fourth, I'm looking for volunteers to help me organize the "official nomination list" for this next knit along. Anyone interested in helping, please email me.

Fifth, as promised, here is the "better" scan of the article featured in Yarn Market News referencing the Sexy Knitters Club! Be sure to maximize the pic (by hovering over the lower right corner 'till you see the "maximize" icon) for easier reading.

Finally, since we've extended the official nomination period and since I just got my new issue of Knit.1 in the mail today and since the cover says, "40+ Flirty Knits", I've got a couple new nominations to add to the list.

These are both "consumer friendly yarn" patterns:

Ruffled Top -- Lion Brand Romance yarn (be sure to maximize)

Heart Turtleneck -- Lion Brand Jiffy (be sure to maximize)


Ashley said...

How much is shipping on the angel?

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

exactly! I'm up for either of those if after I finish I'll have hot guys begging at my feet.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I need your help! I'm going joining the SKC- soon I hope(!) but I'm having some trouble: I've been sent the confirmation email with the that you click on to go and accept my membership. But I'm with blogger beta and it just keeps taking me to beta log in page instead. When I log in there's no option for accepting?! Has anyone else had this prob? I'm clueless- help warmly appreciated!

Bad Amy said...

The turtleneck - just in time for V-day! Cute.