Monday, December 04, 2006

Some nominations:

this is Arisaig from, I think it's a gorgeous wrap around sweater that will be flattering on all, don't we love that?
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as to yarn, i'm sure there are many cheaper substitutes, but i believe the yarn that the pattern calls for is a 4ply 100% merino wool.

I also really like
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from tahki yarns

and lastly this:
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this is just breathtakingly beautiful...the Lana Grossa wrap around cardigan


Heather said...

Oh I just love that Lana Grossa pattern! And I have been wanting to knit Arisaig for some time now. I second both of these nominations :)

Cindiluhu said...

That is stunning!

Miss Scarlett said...

The Lana Grossa is gorgeous!!

Jeanie said...

Please please please hyperlink your patterns as requested in the top post. Also, if you could please only post nominations that use consumer friendly yarns, that would really help. Tahki is not a consumer friendly yarn, and we're still waiting to find out about the Lana Grosa. Has anybody contacted them to ask them about their keystone pricing policy?

Rubys & Purls said...

The Lana Grossa pattern is gorgeous! I hope they have consumer friendly yarn!

Anonymous said...

I just joined...and I have had Arisaig on my wish2knit list since it came out last fall!