Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hi everyone,
I've been a member of this blog for a while but haven't participated in one of the official knitalongs. I did do the SKB but signed up with the other KAL that Pixie Purls hosted before this one started. I'm working on the Somewhat Cowl now, so I guess I'm officially behind the times.

I am going to participate in this KAL though, as I have the yarn for Eiffel and just swatched. I got gauge on the ribbing part of the pattern on size 5 addis. Is everyone going to also swatch the lace pattern, or just use two needle sizes smaller than for the ribbing? I noticed my ribbing swatch looks pretty "hole-y" after washing.

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Also a sizing question - I usually like my tops pretty close fitting and so
usually knit them to my actual measurement or even with negative ease. This yarn is pretty drapey/unstretchy so I thought maybe I should go with the medium size instead of the small that I would normally do. My bust measures 34.5" but my hips are 38". I'm worried if I do the Small (35") it might be too tight on the bottom. However, I am short waisted so I will probably need to adjust the length of the bottom section as well to hit in the right spot. Anyone else grappling with these issues?


Jan said...

I am planning on getting my yarn this wednesday. I will swatch both the ribbing and the lace, do several rows of lace followed by several rows of ribbing.

JMHO: The pattern is one that is by it's nature somewhat closefitting. Since I am larger busted on somewhat smaller frame, I'll be doing a size (or three!) larger than my actual size. I am also going to have to "tink" with bustline. If I don't I fear when wearing the sweater if it looks right in the front, it'll appear to long in the front.

Anyway, I am finally glad that there's a free pattern KAL that fits into both my time and financial budgets so that I can participate along with y'all!!!

Robin said...

Thanks Jan - I will also swatch the lace pattern to make sure I get gauge on that. Usually my ribbing gauge is tighter than for lace or stockinette, so it might end up working out if my gauge for needles two sizes smaller is a little bigger than it should be. I'll see, but I think I'm going to err on the side of the larger size as I do have enough yarn purchased for the medium.