Saturday, September 22, 2007

One more nomination

I just purchased this pattern online and think it would be a great little sexy knit! It is called Matilda Jane and is available online at Ysolda's blog.

This is a top down raglan which means it will be easy to try on as it is being knit. The pattern comes with two downloads--one with smaller sizes and one with larger sizes so it fits a large range of sizes. It is made from a dk or light worsted weight yarn which means there are a lot of options and it can be made inexpensively. I love it! I hope it's not too late to include it! Ysolda is in the UK but the pattern can be paid for via paypal and then downloaded. When I bought it, it came to $7.26.


Robin said...

That is really unique and interesting!! I will be buying that one!

mary_me_a_little said...

very cute! I like it:))