Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have a whole bunch of nominations this time around. Most of them are free. I couldn't pick just one, as I love them all and hope to eventually knit them all!

This first one, Sangria, is available here. There are other pictures there, and the pattern cost is 7.oo.
This Dayflower Lace Top can also be knit longer to be a dress. It is available here for 5.50.
The rest of these are all free patterns.
There is this one, Serrano, available at knitty.

Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, available here.
This one is at garnstudio.

Ophelia, another free one is available here.Detail shot of the front.


Shannon said...

Love the Garnstudio cardi, very pretty!

ChiaLea said...

Mrs. Darcy rocks.

Chrispy said...

I love the Dayflower Lace Top, Mrs Darcy and Ophelia. Though I feel that I would rather knit Dayflower and Ophelia in the spring/summer rather than the fall. Personal opinion only.

Kate O. said...
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Kate O. said...

Ooh. I like the Mrs. Darcy pattern. It would work for a lot of sleeve variations, like 3/4 length or maybe more fullness at the sleeve cap. So tempted to knit it. :)

Sherri said...

I love Ophelia, for me it's a must knit!

Nautical Knitter said...

Garnstudio is the one for me! (for now)

mary_me_a_little said...

I love the Garnstudio!