Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nominations: a cozy cape & fishnet anklets

Hello sexy knitters! I'm new here but would love to throw in a few nominations to the mix.

All year I've wanted to have a wool cape with slots for armholes. I kept thinking I could find one I like or have one tailored. But none were to be found. I really like this simple cape (PDF-sorry!) from Vogue Knitting though. I thought it would be nice for this coming season.

Also I would love to knit fishnet stockings. But I hardly ever get to wear dresses. So I thought it might be fun and more useful to knit some fishnet anklets. I thought they would look so cute with heels and jeans in a bit lighter yarn. In a funky, outrageous color, they'd be even better!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

That cape is fantastic! What a great way to stay warm indoors while still having arm movement. It's really dramatic too! Wow...even if it doesn't make the cut, I have to make this:)