Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Top 20 Nominations for the SKC Spring 2008 KAL

Hello Sexy Knitters! Today is a special day because it's time for the top 20 nominations for the spring SKC KAL! Hooray!

The top 20 nominations are determined by your nominations and how much positive feedback each nomination post receives in the form of comments left by members. Unfortunately, we can only accept 20 nominations at a time for voting purposes. We're very sorry if the pattern you nominated was not chosen this time. Please don't take this personally, and please, if you strongly believe in a certain pattern, definitely nominate it again next time!

Without further ado, the nominees are:

  1. Labyrinth from Wendy Bernard (Ravelry link here)

  2. Lacey-T from Kitman

  3. Lillian from Delicious Stitches

  4. Titania from A Mingled Yarn

  5. Dayflower Camisole from Knititude

  6. Sodera Socks from Sisainen villapaita

  7. Bell Curve from Knitty Winter 2007 (Ravelry link here)

  8. Printed Silk Cardigan from IK Spring 2008

  9. Aleita Shell from IK Spring 2008

  10. Jaden from Knitty Spring 2008

  11. Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel (Ravelry link here)

  12. Fad-Classic from Wendy Bernard

  13. Colette from Melissa Wehrle (Ravelry link here)

  14. Daytrip Cardigan from Melissa Wehrle (Ravelry link here)

  15. Curves Bamboo Tank Top by Nikki Adams (Ravelry link here)

  16. Chinese Lace Pullover

  17. Ms. Marigold from Zephyrstyle (Ravelry link here)

  18. Goddess from Jennifer Hansen (Ravelry link here)

  19. Talia from Sweaterbabe (in Knitty Spring 2008)

  20. Notorious excerpt from Annie Modesitt's book "Romantic Handknits" (Ravelry link here)

  21. So pick your favorite and be ready to vote when our poll is up, sometime in the next couple of weeks! Happy Perusing!

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