Thursday, April 10, 2008


A flirty lace V-neck cardigan made in a snuggly yarn in a wide range of sizes XS - 3X (31.5 - 54)

Daytrip Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle
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This is a lovely scoop neck cardigan that can take you places. It has a large size range XS - 3X (31.5 inches - 55.5 inches). It is knit our of a wool/cotton blend so it is perfect for our transitioning weather.

These are from a non-posting member. Mine will come next week.


insaknitty said...

ooh, I like these. :)

vkb said...

The daytrip cardigan is very cute... I'd probably make it longer, but that's about it. Nice choices

juicyknits said...

Colette is a bit short for a curvy girl like me, but the daytrip cardigan is cute.

Shannon said...

I like the daytrip cardigan!

Carissa B said...

Ooooh. i really like colette

Anonymous said...

BOTH my favorites and both in my queue. *hopes one of these win* :)