Monday, December 03, 2007

Three Nominations

Here are my nominations!

Nomination #1
Södera Socks by Vilma

Nomination #2
98-54 Bag with cable pattern by DROPS design

Nomination #3
Daliet Blouse



NessaRenee said...

I LOVE that bag!! It's beautiful

Aurelie said...

Socks are totally sexy. Love LOVE the sweater. Kindof would like to see a few more finished before I take it on and it looks like a project I would find tedious.

Sarah said...


I kind of agree, but I think a vintage puff sleeve sweater is probably one of the sexiest garments one can make. Women really knew how to dress back in the day:)

Sue Bare said...

Do you have a link to enlarge the pictures orhter than Ravelry?

I unable to open ravelry
(I am not a member)


Sarah said...

Hi Suzan,

I've changed the links! Totally didn't even think about what I was linking to before:)