Saturday, December 15, 2007

KAL Nominations - Jacket addition

I have been really interested in knitting a jacket or cardigan that can be worn out and about in the cool but not too cold climate I seem to find myself living in.

I would nominate the Tilted Duster but it seems half the world is already knitting it. I can nominate it if anyone is interested.

Ok now for the nominations.

The DROPS circular jacket.

Size: S - M/L - XL /XXL - XXXL

I love the flow of this jacket. It has the feel of a lovely blanket that you wrap around you but has unique details like the circle on the back.

Something Red by Wendy of Knit and tonic

This has more of the simple jacket look. You could definitely adjust the arm length so you get the warmth factor you prefer.

For Bust Sizes:
32(34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44) inches

Berroco Tawny

I love the fact that this can be customized with a scarf. I tend to love scarfs but never end up doing anything with the little silky squares that I receive.

Bust size (closed) – 33(35-37-39-43-47-51)

Flair by Wendy of knit and tonic

The great swingy jacket that is in style this season. What fun it would be to have one that you knit instead of purchased?

32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56)” chest

Cable Collar Cardigan

I love the simple lines of this cabled collar. It seems to be a minimally pieced garment since the collar is knit while the garment is knit.

There is a large size range.

27" to 67.5"


LisaBe said...

i love flair! it's already in my ravelry queue :) can't wait to make it!

bobi1218 said...
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bobi1218 said...

I second both Flair and Something Red :)

Robin said...

I hadn't seen the last pattern yet - that is really pretty. Is it available for purchase online, do you know?

Chrispy said...

robin the patten is available from annie's attic, which is an online store. I don't think it is available as a pdf but you can find it on ravelry and then find other places that it is available.