Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 First Quarter KAL - Cables & Twisted Stitches

Our first KAL of 2009 has begun! Your votes are in and Cables & Twisted Stitches (i.e., any stitch sequence where stitches change position while they are being knit) is the technique of choice for 2009's 1st Quarter KAL.

A few guidelines:
  • Official KAL dates: January 1, 2009 - March 17, 2009*
  • A qualifying pattern will include at least 25% cables or twisted stitches
  • You may knit any pattern that you feel is sexy and contains the technique we've elected to focus on this this quarter

Other announcements: Please welcome RobinM of Yarn Crawl as the newest member of our group leaders over on Ravelry. I'm (knittymuggins) taking a little time off from group responsibilities and Robin has kindly offered to step in and help rchrispy with the fun job of moderating our group and helping everything run smoothly. Thanks so much Robin & welcome! We'll also be welcoming Jeanie back soon to her leadership role at the group and are excited to have her joining us again - it's been a while and we've missed her!

We look forward to all of your lovely knits over at the Ravelry Group! Come join us! If you have any questions, you may contact either rchrispy or our new group moderator RobinM.

Happy Knitting!

*edited to change KAL dates


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Have a look at the "Alicia corset". You can download the pattern from this site....

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